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Magnolia Design Company Ink 

Permanent ink for fabric, ceramic, glass... pretty much any non-porous surface that can withstand heat … MUST be heat set! Use it with Magnolia Designs Co stencils or your own art work! 

You can apply the ink with a squeegee, dauber, paint brush, or other tool of your choice. I recommend you practice on a small project if you haven’t used the ink before. For best results, apply a thin amount and keep building up the ink to the color desired. Applying too much will usually result in the ink seeping under your stencils.  

To heat set on fabric: use your household iron on medium (cotton / linen) setting with parchment paper or other pressing cloth to protect your iron and not burn your project. Heat set for about 3-4 minutes on each side. For ceramics, glass, etc., place finished design in a cold oven. Once your oven is heated to 350, set your timer for one hour. After one hour, turn your oven off and let your project cool in the oven.  
You want to clean your stencils and tools with cool water and a little dish liquid after you finish using them. Do not allow Magnolia Designs Company stencils' to soak in standing water for a long period of time. Some staining may occur, especially with darker colors, but will not affect the performance of the stencil. 
Magnolia Design Company products ship to you directly from the manufacturer. 

3 oz jar (currently available in 19 colors)

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