SAVE THE DATE ~ IOD Classic Pots Creative Relay

SAVE THE DATE ~ IOD Classic Pots Creative Relay

Are you ready for a new twist on IOD inspiration? This week I am getting together with a few other seriously talented ladies for a challenge -- and we need your help so we can keep it going. We are going to run a creative relay on Facebook with the Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) Classic Pots transfer. What is a creative relay and how can you help us keep it going? On Friday, June 19 starting at 1:00 pm (EST), Lisa from Sweet & Sassy Treasures (, is going to kick off the relay on her Facebook page. Friday afternoon, each of us are sharing a project made with the Classic Pots transfer, on our Facebook pages. After Lisa’s done, she’ll send you to Valerie from Bluebird Mercantile (, Valerie will then pass the Classic Pots transfer to me (, and I will pass it to Peggy from Gardenhouse Studio ( Peggy’s going to pass it to Michelle from Serendipity House ( and Michelle will pass it to Dianne from Two Girls Treasure ( You will get to see six stockist use the same transfer. None of know what each other’s making so we are going to be just as excited as you! After each stockist shows you her project, she will pass the baton and let you know where to go to see the next project reveal. By the end of the relay, we will all have some great inspiration on how to use the Classic Pots transfer AND you will have discovered five new sources for IOD inspiration. So mark your calendar now to tune in on Friday, June 19 to participate in the Classic Pots Creative Relay.

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