NEW Mini-Course for the IOD Bowl of Lemons

Do you like to make things?

I am super excited to introduce you to IOD's NEW Mini-Course for the IOD Bowl of Lemons! At Pennys Porch, you know I am all about DIY and I believe everyone is creative and artistic. 

If you'd like for Josie and Sally (the IOD Sisters) to show you that you are a gifted and creative queen then sign up for the NEW e-course today! This mini-course will give you the confidence to get started today and live a DIY Lifestyle. Now, you will be able to confidently fill your world with your created masterpieces. And, if you are an experienced DIYer, you are going to learn some easy and fun new techniques to add to your tool belt! 

You can do this! 

Here are the links for the IOD products:

And, here's the link to sign up: IOD Bowl of Lemons Mini-Course

I loved the course!

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