IOD DIY Gallery Wall Series Episode 1

IOD DIY Gallery Wall Series Episode 1

“The ever-elusive gallery wall. We’ve all seen them on Pinterest only to feel that ache in our souls, knowing it can never be ours. Ok, ok I’m being a little dramatic. Seriously guys we are huge lovers of the way a well-arranged gallery wall can set off a room and add sophistication up the wazoo (not a sophisticated term, I know.) But we’re keeping it real here. None of us, or I should say few of us, have a plethora of cash ready to be spent on wall art, especially enough to make an impact on a large wall!”

The IOD sisters, Josie and Sally, have done it again. They used one sheet of ½” plywood to create a stunning gallery wall. AMAZING!!! And, they are generously sharing how they designed this awesome wall of gorgeous designs with all of us. So now we can create our very own gallery wall without stressing about the details.

Here is a photo of Josie’s wall … you can follow their wall verbatim OR you can use the techniques and principles to create your own version.

Josie’s wall begins with Redoute Floral Vase and Laurel Relief pieces. For my first design, I used the IOD Laurel Mould and Kindest Regards stamp set but then I decided to make another one using the IOD Fleur De Lis Mould and Kindest Regards stamp set… which one is your favorite? I think my favorite is the design using the IOD Laurel Mould. I LOVE the crown … when I get discouraged, it reminds me that I’m the daughter of the King and I just need to straighten my crown.



For my second signage design, I used the IOD Flora Parisiensis Transfer. I LOVE this transfers’ cabbage style roses!


Here is the template for your cuts. Print this out and take it to Home Depot or your favorite hardware store. Home Depot charges .50 Cents a cut! Rick (my hubby) cut all the pieces for our wall but we did have Home Depot cut the full sheet of plywood into four pieces to make it easier to manage. They didn’t charge us anything to make the four cuts.

Here is the vase template.



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