DIY Gather Sign - $5 Cabinet Door Transformation

DIY Gather Sign - $5 Cabinet Door Transformation

Hi friends. Today I wanted to share a before and after of how I transformed a $5 cabinet door from Habitat from Humanity to a beautiful Gather Sign.

I first applied a couple coats of Antique Villa paint with an 040 Cling On brush. I cut a couple sections from the IOD Classic Bouquets Paintable transfer and applied them to my cabinet door after the paint had completely dried. I saved all the remaining parts of the transfer to use on other projects. I used an IOD Brayer to apply paint to the IOD Typesetting stamp set and stamped GATHER on my sign.


Next, I applied a thin layer of Wise Owl Varnish and let it dry.

I then used the Classic Elements and Laurel moulds and IOD Air Dry Clay to make the castings that I added. After I glued on all of my castings, I let them dry about two hours and then I used a wash of the Antique Villa paint and painted all the castings.


I then used a damp shop cloth to wipe off most of the paint that I got on the transfers which is one of the reasons I had applied a thin layer of the varnish before I added and painted all the castings. I didn't mind if a little of the paint stayed on the transfers because I like the soft white-wash look. 

Now, I'm going to share with you an easy and subtle way I created to add a little antiquing to your sign. First, use a wax brush and apply a layer of clear wax all over your sign, including the castings. I used Pixie Dust Hemp Paste Finishing Wax because it is always my go-to clear, unscented (except for the natural hemp smell) wax. 

I have two ink pads for each color of IOD ink ... two Stone Gray, two Black, and two China Blue. The reason for this is because I use one of each color just for waxing ... I know this sounds strange but it really is a great way to add Stone Gray, Black, or China Blue antiquing and highlights to your piece. You simply dab your wax brush in your ink pad marked for wax and brush it on your piece. You will find that because you added the clear wax first, the color you are adding with your ink pad, can be made darker or lighter easily. Be sure to add extra ink to your castings and then wipe off with a shop towel, leaving behind color in the cracks and crevices. If you can, let your new sign dry overnight and then use a dry shop cloth to wipe any excess wax off and buff your sign. If you're in a hurry, you can buff your sign in about 30 minutes. Also, you'll want to be sure to mark the back of your ink pads so you don't get them mixed up. Once you use an ink pad for waxing, you'll want to use another one for inking your stamps. 

A note about the castings. When you use any air dry clay, it will naturally shrink and crack a little. I love this because it adds to the beauty of a vintage/antique/old look. Also, castings made with air dry clay actually don't fully cure for several weeks so keep this in mind so you don't set something heavy on top of them or smash them, etc. 

Now, as Josie would say... "go make something beautiful."

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  • Penny Whitlock on

    Kim, thank you so much! You can make it too. I am a creative person but I am not an artist. IOD stamps, moulds, and transfers and some paint makes it easy to transform old cabinet doors and such into beautiful pieces.

  • Kim Carson on

    Beautiful work you do.

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